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National School of Opportunity announces Grand Valley High School as a one of three Gold winners for the state of Colorado, read more in the Washington Post.   

Grand Valley High School is pleased to announce the successful launch of its AP for All philosophy.  The 2014-2015 school year will be our third year of the implementation of AP course curriculum for all students.                                                                                       

      • Freshmen: AP Human Geography and AP  Environmental Science
      • Sophomores: AP US History and AP Biology
      • Juniors: AP United States Government and AP English Literature
      •  Seniors:  AP Macroeconomics.
      •  Other courses offered: AB Calculus, AP Statistics, AP English  Language, AP Microeconomics, AP Chemistry, and AP Computer Science. 

AP Exams & College Enrollment                                       Click here to visit the SpringBoard Microsite

This AP for ALL philosophy has truly raised the level of academic rigor at Grand Valley High School, earning the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award for 2013 as well as being accepted to the Colorado Education Initiative Cohort, which recognizes excellence in Advanced Placement course work.


Grand Valley High School is the home of the Fighting Cardinals. The new Grand Valley High School was finished in September, 2002. It is located approximately 200 miles west of Denver and 45 miles east of Grand Junction off Interstate 70 in Parachute, Colorado.

Our Mission:  Together we will continue to build purposeful relationships that will enhance the lives of students.

Our Vision:  We are dedicated to defining and creating optimal learning environments which will provide our students an individualized, well-rounded education.

The Cardinal Rule:  Do not do anything that might discredit yourself, this school, or this community.


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