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2023-2024 Calendar

Calendario 2023-2024


2023-2024 Start and End Times*

  School Doors Open at First Bell/School Day Begins Last Bell/School Day Ends  
CFL 7:25 7:35 3:15  
BUE 7:25 7:35 3:15  
GVMS 7:35 8:15 4:05  
GVHS 7:35 8:15 4:05  

*Times subject to change slightly after bus routes are determined


Back-to-School Nights

August 8, 2023: BUE 6:00 PM

August 9, 2023: GVMS 6:00 PM

August 10, 2023: GVHS 6:00 PM

August 11, 2023: CFL 6:00 PM


Calendar Changes

Garfield 16 families, 

The Garfield 16 school calendar has been restructured for the 2023-2024 school year. The new calendar is above. The major changes are: 

  1. One school week (4 days) was added to the beginning of the school year. 
    • The first day for K-12 students is now August 15, 2023. 
    • The first day for preschool students is now August 22, 2023. 
  2. One school week (4 days) was added to the end of the school year. 
    • The last day for Preschool and K-12 students is now May 30, 2024. 
    • The last day for GVHS Seniors is now May 23, 2024. 
  3. The student day was decreased by an average of 36 minutes. 
  4. The instructional day was decreased by an average of 41 minutes (instructional time does not include recess). 
  5. BUE and CFL will start their day before GVHS and GVMS. Specific start and end times will be announced when bus routes are established. 
  6. Parent/teacher conferences will now be held at all schools. 
  7. Before and after-school childcare for elementary students, along with morning supervision for secondary students, will be developed. Surveys to collect data about the needs of our families will be released soon. 

 Why did Garfield 16 implement these changes?

These changes were developed to increase effective instructional time for all students.

A major concern raised by parents and staff was that the length of the student day was a challenge for most students. In order to decrease the student day, additional student days were added to the school year calendar.

Another concern was the structure of conferences. Parents wanted an opportunity to talk with teachers in a parent/teacher conference setting. The new calendar includes both parent/teacher conferences and student-led conferences.  

The new calendar meets CDE’s instructional hour requirements. It also allows for flexibility when inclement weather necessitates a school closure or two-hour delay. 

What was the process of developing these changes?

Our Superintendent heard concerns from parents and staff during committee meetings. These committees were established at the beginning of the school year, and open to all staff members, parents, and community members. Feedback from all constituents were taken into consideration. Four drafts of proposed calendar changes were developed throughout the process, in order to incorporate feedback from all stakeholders. Once representatives from all parties agreed on a final calendar, a cost analysis was performed. The proposed calendar changes were then discussed with staff at all the schools. The calendar changes were then presented to the Board of Education and the proposed changes were approved. 

What if my student has a previously planned trip, camp, or other obligation based on the previous version of the school calendar?

If you and your family have already planned around the previous 2023-2024 school calendar and your student(s) will be absent at the beginning and/or end of next school year, we will take those previously planned absences into consideration and they will be excused. 

We know this will be an adjustment, and we thank you all for your cooperation and patience.

Change is a challenge for everyone, and it takes time to adjust. We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we move forward in implementing these changes. We are confident that our students, parents, and staff members can work together to ensure “students will be successfully prepared for life in a safe and nurturing environment.”