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Visitor, Volunteer, and Background Check Procedures

Dear Garfield 16 Community,

Beginning September 6, 2022, any visitors entering a school during the school day will go through a screening process in the office.  Visitors will be screened through the Raptor system which checks registered sex offender databases.   The system produces an ID badge sticker with the visitor’s name and picture that the visitor wears for the duration of the visit.  

How does it work?

The visitor provides his/her driver’s license to the secretary for scanning.  Once scanned, the visitor is stored in the school’s system as an approved visitor.   The visitor received an ID badge sticker with the visitor’s name and picture and date of the visit.  If the visitor returns, the information is stored in the system so the visitor just has to give his/her name to the secretary, and the secretary can print out a new badge with a new date. 

What if the visitor doesn’t have a driver’s license?

The secretary can enter the visitor’s name in the database.   This takes a bit more time, so having a driver’s license is helpful.  

What happens if someone with a sex offense record tries to come into the school?

The Raptor system sends an alert to the principal who will handle the situation.   If the visitor is a parent and must attend a meeting for his/her child, the parent will be escorted by a staff member at all times.  

Does the Raptor database show a person’s full criminal record?

No.  It only links to the sex offender database for all 50 states.  

Who will need to go through the screening process?

Anyone who is visiting the school will go through this screening process.  Examples include:

  • Parents coming into the school for a meeting, activity, or event that occurs during the school day.  This includes parents who may be helping in the school during the school day.  
  • Guest speakers, contractors, and other visitors authorized by the principal.

What about volunteers?

Volunteers will also be screened using the Raptor system, but they also need to have an FBI background check that includes fingerprinting.   Volunteers may be alone with students or supervise students, so we have this added layer of protection to keep the students safe.   Contact the school’s principal for more information about volunteers.  

Will the schools use Raptor for after school events?

No.   Raptor will only be used during the school day when students are in school.  

Our goal is to keep our students safe.  We encourage parents to attend activities and events to support their children, and we want to make it easy for parents to attend.   We believe the Raptor system will be a faster and more convenient way to register as a visitor to the school.  


Jennifer Baugh

Interim Superintendent of Schools